Thursday, October 26, 2006

an open letter to terrorists

An open letter to whomsoever claiming “RESPONSIBILITY” for 11/07 serial bomb blasts.

Respected sirs,
I say “RESPECTED”, as by now, among your cowardly herd of spineless murderers, you must be just that.
I say sirs, as I sincerely believe that no woman, whichever “CASTE”, creed or religion she belongs to, can ever commit as heinous an act as the one you have committed.
Everywhere, on news channels, papers, in the minds of the intelligencia, is the one obvious question. Who was behind the blasts? But to me, the more pertinent question is, what was the motive behind the blasts? To cripple the middle class, the worker bees of the Mumbai economy? To show the world how powerful you are? Try and create communal disharmony? Vendetta? Instill fear? Well, sirs, let me tell you, and I assure you, in no uncertain terms that you have failed miserably. Mumbai’s indomitable spirit won. AGAIN. We may be among the rudest, most pollutive and dirtiest cities this side of the Milky Way, but when it comes to helping out at disasters, be it floods or bombs planted by chicken livered criminals, we come together, as a team, as a family, and help out. Blood donors, medical agencies, common public, EVERYBODY is out there, fighting against your mindless and utterly pusillanimous act. The last time checked, the sensex wasn’t doing badly either.
There are Hindus, and there are Moslems. And then there are Mumbaikars. We have learnt our lessons well. And we are absolutely fine, thank you. This dim-witted episode shall only get us closer.
Coming to Vendetta, what could you have possibly achieved by killing and injuring innocent people? I agree with you if you say that innocent people on your side have been slaughtered too. That was wrong too. But does it give you the license to ruin the lives of people who had nothing to do with it? Sirs, Bombs don’t have eyes, they can’t see religion, and they just kill. I would also suggest to you, that if you want to boast of your prowess, come out in the open and fight like men. Without a shadow of doubt, after men women n eunuchs, comes your gender. The one without feelings for other humans. The one with just violence in their minds. The one which just cannot survive in a non violent atmosphere.

So I come to the conclusion that although you have botched disastrously in all your “OBJECTIVES”, you have succeeded in achieving a few things. You have brought us closer, made us stronger. And yes, sadly, but most importantly, you have ended the lives of innocent human beings. . People who died in those blasts, who lost their physical faculties, were human beings first. Humans like you. Like all of us. They had families. Children . Parents. Ambitions. You have succeeded in making their lives a living hell.

I would further request you NOT to play the religious war card here, as it seems way too stale at this point of time. What you have done is wrong. Unpardonable . It is my solemn prayer to god, in whatsoever form you believe him in, that you rot to death.
God did not make any religion. People did. You did. We did. Is the preeminence of our religions of such importance that people are butchered for it? I would request you to ask yourselves one question. Do you think what you did was right? You may be uneducated, Illiterate, and intellectually challenged. Is the basic difference of right or wrong lost on you? Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Your acts are shaming your whole community. We understand the plight of those poor souls, who are as innocent as the ones who died, and I would urge INDIANS not to stoop to their level.
Finally, respected sirs, with tears in my eyes and fire in my belly, I beseech you, DONOT DO THIS. I have nothing against you. I am just a boy who has lost friends, family, and loved ones.. I am but, a human being..

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Kartikeya Dwivedi.

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