Thursday, April 26, 2007


Whenever I post a URL on someone’s scrapbook or community thread on orkut, they ask me to verify the contents by viewing and typing a code that is displayed on the screen. I am sure everyone is aware of that.

Here is a case in point for my madness! Whenever I hit the submit button, the server starts recognizing the URL and the need to ask for verification. It takes sometime for the code to be displayed, which, on my ancient piece of equipment, clocks to 3 seconds.hmmm... 3 seconds! It gives me enough time to attempt to GUESS what the code can be!
What are the odds of that?!A billion to one? Im starkly disappointed when the code is different from what I had thought of, and accept that it’s a futile exercise! But that does not stop me from trying do that, again and again and again! Someday I just might get lucky! Why don’t you try?!


Kartikeya Dwivedi. said...

he he!!i know am an asshole!!

ishan said...

wt a nice idea!
excellent...will try it next time.
another asshole :D

Kartikeya Dwivedi. said...

heh heh!! go ahead ishan!!have a blast!

antz1984 said...

i got it partly correct the other day. so i'd say i am half a billion closer to getting it right!

SIVI said...

Ok... of all your posts, this is wicked. :-) Now, I cannot stop try guessing the code every second i wait :-)

Rashmi said...

hey kooksie!...this could get addictive y'know!:-)