Saturday, July 28, 2007


I had recently received a message on my cell phone asking me to tell the sender one thing that I had never ever told her before, but had always had the desire to do so. I replied by typing that she was very attractive, confident and a role model for modern women.

I had typed those words to primarily please my friend, but I meant them too. For the majority of my adult life, I have used my gift of the gab for either striking a chord with an official or my skill in writing to melt a few hearts! But it is not until I received the reply to that message that I fully understood the difference words, be it in written form or spoken, can make!

“Thank you sweetie pie, n u r a person whom girls would want as a bf, hubby, as a brother n as a father u r 2 good 2 be compared”. Pardon the punctuation and sms lingo, she is hot as hell!! What followed was ten seconds of silence. No, not verbal silence, but mental silence. Stoppage in the flow of thoughts. My mind went completely blank for those ten seconds. It felt nice and fuzzy all over. It’s not that I haven’t received compliments before! They have been a few and far in between, of course, but compliments none-the-less. That line was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me!

We use words to communicate, to express. But she had conjured up a magical sentence that made me feel like a million bucks! They were no complex phrases in English; rather a simple set of heartfelt words.

Each person has it in them, to make this difference! One need not be a professor in English, or an authority in French to say what needs to be said or written. And sometimes, say something which may not be wholly true, but is bound to make the other person…..very, very happy. What’s stopping you?

P.S: Wise ass comments or pseudo intellectuals pouring their heart out over this one shall be highly unappreciated.

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ChicagoCarLife said...

Well made point!

Kartik said...

thanks six!

Monica said...

Words-worth Kartikeya....simple and truly true!

Kartik said...

thanku monica!

Shiva said...

"And sometimes, say something which may not be wholly true, but is bound to make the other person…..very, very happy."

- yes, words have a way of conveying things which may not be felt completely by the person who is using the words. But nevertheless, if it is to please or to exaggerate a "good" harmlessly and to appreciate a little help, we are all for it....our parents work this trick on us and we fall for it every time :)

Kartik said...

So true shiva, so true!