Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Deed Club

Good Deed Club

Dear friend,

Have you always wanted to help the poor or the needy, the disabled or the aged, the orphaned and the under-privileged? You have.

There must have been issues with time, money and trust.

Who has the time? I don’t have a lot of money! I don’t trust these NGO’s. These are often repeated sentences.

The Good Deed Club tries to tackle these problems. We are a close knit community that is built on honesty, integrity and trust. We are a Non-profit, Non-Governmental and Non- leader organization whose primary objective is to help people in need. The Good Deed club is for the many people who believe that trying to make a small difference, howsoever small, does count.

What you can do

 You can donate a minimum of Rs.100/month, which shall feed an orphan or an old woman once a month. On that day, if you want, you can serve them food, talk to them, entertain them, listen to them and connect with them.

 Donate old clothes instead of converting them into mops. What you consider old and ragged may bring a smile on a young boy’s face or keep an old man warm.

 Contribute your time, give the gift of your knowledge and offer your skills, resources and education to help the children in any way possible.

 See your money being used for a good cause. You can do it for the blessings, or plainly because in your small way, you are trying to help. You can be the difference.
We are not a huge organization. We may expand in the future, and the club always welcomes new ideas. Right now, we do this on our own, part time as a group of dedicated and sincere individuals.
If you want to donate more and avail a tax rebate, or get actively involved with social work, visit &
People who surf the internet regularly can visit

Thank you.


1. Collect money and feed the aged living in Old man’s homes in Vasai.
2. Collect money and feed the Orphans living in the orphanages in Vasai.
3. Volunteer for social work, serving food and other miscellaneous activities.
4. Spread awareness for organ donation at the time of death.
5. Spread awareness for blood donation.
6. Spread awareness about Female feticide.
7. Arrange for Cancer awareness programs.
8. Your good deed for the day.
9. Spread the ‘Good deed for the day’ campaign.

What is good deed for the day?

We have all read it in primary school. It’s about doing at least one good deed for a day. It can be from aiding an old man to cross a busy road to playing latest hits on your organ for mentally disabled children. Sadly, not many of us do it.

Some argue that the world has changed; some say that people don’t deserve it. Some say it will not make much of a difference. Some even debate to what extent one should help someone. Bring all the beggars on the street into your house? No, it is impractical. Hope to end illiteracy at grass root level? It is improbable.

Good Deed Clubs’ Mantra answers them all:

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain.
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.
— Barry Goldwater

This is what Good deed clubs’ all about. Do ones bit to spread some happiness, howsoever temporary it is. You can do these things wherever you stay. One does not need a lot of money to spare or loads of free time. What is needed is some heart. And that is all.

Come; let’s make this world a better place to live in. Come, join the Good Deed club! Better still, start one of your own at your locality!


Kartikeya Dwivedi.

If you want a sample membership form, click here


Unknown said...

hi i want to join this club pls send me guidline for joining this clum

Kartik said...

Well Shridhar, feel free to call me on 9226379899 or mail me at . Depending on your location, I will tell you what can be done.. Thanks for taking interest.

Anant said...

Hi bhai. I am really sorry, but i somehow read your blog today. i knew about the good deed club way before, but i came across the blog when i was going through your website. i am absolutely touch, brother. god bless you. i hope someday i will be able to have such noble thoughts coming out of my wacky head.

The Author said...

Hi Kartik, ur initiative is quite impressive. People like u can make huge differences in the lives of the needy. May God bless u in all ur endeavours.

Anonymous said...

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Nachiket said...

hey karthi bhaiya
its really an awesome idea.. i am interested and please would like to know some details..