Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snoring: The sleep killer.

My dad recently told me, ever so sweetly and innocently, “Son, after mum’s death, you are my sleeping partner.” Tears welled up my eyes. We are like college roomies, or working professionals who share a room, a bed, and their life. A few months before mum went to meet her maker, she kept ill. My dad used to wake up multiple times at night to ensure that she was fine, comfortable, and breathing. He wakes up each night and lovingly ensures that I am comfortable and well. I love him for that.
However, he snores-very noisily at that. My, he could wake up a soldier on a ton of morphine, I kid you not. It is getting worse by each passing day. In this insanely competitive world, you can’t justify your lack of productivity owing to lack of sleep due to his roaring at night. I have even contemplated marriage for slinking out of sleeping with him- it is that loud. Why else would I be writing this at 2 am when I should be sound asleep?
I get dog tired, each day, and sleep by 11:00 pm. The tiredness comes from travelling in the maddeningly crowded Mumbai locals and my newfound vigor to lose weight; and hence exercising religiously each day. Yet, sleep has been evading me for almost a week now. Yes, I could sleep in some other room- I live in a very spacious apartment. But the room we share for the night is the only one with air-conditioning. Being used to that and the fear of offending him has stopped me from trying to sleep in the other bedroom. Two people living in a 5 room apartment should sleep together, no? One teds to get lonely if sleeping alone. I have decided to bunk with him till I get married, come what may.
Considering the facts stated above, I have also decided to consult anyone ready to give sound advice, be it doctors or tantriks to make sure dad gets rid of the snoring. I am going to dedicate this weekend to find a cure, or get ready to sleep in the other room. Any suggestions will be welcome.
Anyone out there, who has tips which can help me, please let me know. Do you know someone with this problem? Do you have this problem? How do you tackle it? Anything people, anything.


The Kooky Cookie said...

Since you asked for 'sound' advice...

Earplugs! ;)

Unknown said...

Loved the "sleeping partner" bit!
Hey, how about you try to fall asleep before the lion starts roaring...?:-)