Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mega myth busted: Sachin tons don't win games - Indian Premier League - Cricket Next

For all the assholes who say if Tendulkar scores, we lose. Here, shove this statistic up your ass. Out of 99 international centuries, India has won 53 times, drawn 20 times. Sheesh. Jealous dumb fucks have nothing to show for their life, and have the fucking audacity to wag their stupid ass mother flipping tongues, and mind you, without any statistical evidence at Tendulkar. I am all for everyone is entitled to their opinion. Call him the worst batsman ever. But statistics speak for themselves. And the fact that the players and greats keep saying such great things about the man- am sure you dick-faces aren't better cricketers than them, even if you are better cock suckers- shows much more than what statistics reveal. I will end my rant by saying, I don't disrespect your God- you better not disrespect mine. Oh yes- the proof is linked below, biatches.

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