Friday, April 15, 2011

SSC students of Gonsalo Garcia Orphanage need Lab equipment

Remember the fun we had during those lab practicals in school? Mixing wierd stuff with wierder stuff? Breaking those test tubes, showing off our chemistry knowledge? Lets ensure the kids at GG Orphanage also get that opportunity. Guys, we are trying to buy lab equipment for the SSC gang out there in GG Orphanage. Let's all come together, pool in our resources, from as little as 100 INR, and help those children learn chemistry while having fun! Who knows, in the future, you may be responsible for creating the next Nobel Prize winner!   Reena Singh, a dear friend is initiating this project. She is a determined, sweetheart of a girl who wants to make a difference. Let's help her create that difference. Let's help her create happiness. Let's do our bit guys!   Also, if you guys are interested in part time, in your face so you can see the difference you make, money donations not compulsary social work, contact me. Leave your Email addresses to get the details. Good day.

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