Monday, May 30, 2011

Of Dieting and the Baloney Surrounding it

The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor.

Author Unknown

Bullshit line no. 1- I'm dieting. So no rice for me.

Bullshit line no. 2- Aren't you dieting? What's up with the cheese then, hmm?

Sigh. Guys, what does a diet mean? It's what you eat, day in day out.

What does a healthy diet mean? 
Eating the good things more. Things like raw and fresh fruits, vegetables, curd, etc.
Eating the junk food less.
Having a colourful plate full of different food groups. 
Following a SUSTAINABLE FOR LIFE diet regimen. 
Eating on time, drinking lots of water.
Eating everything, but in moderation.

What does a healthy diet NOT mean?

Forever counting calories.
Staying off rice, cheese, and other supposedly "fattening" things.
Trying to eliminate fat from diet.
Being forever worried and unhappy.

Now, what out of these points did you know?!

I'm guessing, most.

Which do you follow? How many points from a healthy, staple diet do you follow?

Only you know the answer :)
Remember- Moderate exercise, sensible dieting, positive thinking= Healthier, happier you!

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