Monday, June 20, 2011

Woof! It's a dog!

We welcomed Cocaine, a two month old healthy Labrador into our house yesterday.

Cocaine Dwivedi

Amongst the many classifications of humans, there is one related to dogs; three categories, to be precise. There are some who cannot stand the furry monsters. There are also some who are okay with them. And then, there are Dog lovers.
Off the three musketeers; Dayanand ( Ze father), Anant ( Ze brother) and Kartik ( yours truly), Dad falls into the okay with Dogs, I love all animals category, whereas his sons absolutely adore dogs.
Anant had been planning to own one for almost a decade, and with dad’s impending retirement plan, I joined in to convince dad into letting us keep a pet- a DOG! While we couldn’t quite convince him-he isn’t over the moon-we did manage to eek out an Ok outta him. That was just the push Jo and Antz needed. Oh, Jo is Jyoti, Anant’s beautiful squeeze, his fiancĂ©e and soon to be wife. How soon? Well, if you want Anant to turn pale and have a mini heart attack, ask him!

Anyhoo, armed with dad’s wary surrender to our constant pleas, the dynamic trio (Anant, Anant’s tummy and Jyoti) set off on the quest to find the most wonderful puppy in the world. Anant has lived in UK for a few years, and like all students who have spent a few years there expects the people and the infrastructure to be the same as in good ol’ London. So he started scouting for kennel clubs, where he would get the purest breeds, and get to meet fanatical dog lovers like himself. He spent spent    a small fortune in travelling to these clubs and came back disappointed.
‘In London” said Anant, “You don’t call them dogs, and you don’t BUY one! You adopt one, and if you happen to meet a dog and its owner on the street,  and want to inquire about the sex of the dog, you ask, is it a lady, or a gentleman?”
He soon learnt adopting a Dog out here in aamchi Mumbai portrayed we wanted it for free, and the people out here weren't as courteous as them Londoners. But he was determined, come hell or high water, to bring home a Dog, and after toiling for a few days, he got home Cocaine.

There must be a very few people who don't like puppies, and there are some dog haters who don't mind puppies either. This is not without reason. Children, be it piglets, fowls, human or pups, are cute. 

Coco has brought in a lot of happiness- along with a lot of cleaning that needs to be done after it pees all over the house- into our lives, and I will write a fortnightly article on how he is changing our lives. 

I remember saying to a friend that I wanted to raise a dog first and then think of marriage and kids as it requires commitment and care. Well, I think I am ready for the commitment. So all the dog loving girls out there, gimme a holler! ;)