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The Fitness Racket Exposed Part 3- Prioritization

This post is the continuation of the two posts, the first one in which I discussed what the fitness racket is, how we run this racket, and on ourselves. It went on to discuss the foundation steps to start off with to understand, expose and finish this racket for long term physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

The second post spoke about the mind over mind technique.

The fourth and the last post in this Fitness Racket series will talk about Time Management and will discuss practical tips to squeeze in ‘health time’ during our busy day.

This article is written in parts to enable you to read one part, reflect on it, implement it, and move ahead. This is the third part of the Fitness Racket series. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What is Prioritization?

This is one word most professionals of today are well versed with. With the competition at an all-time high, most of us are multi tasker’s handling multiple projects at a time. A sad but true fact is that the “one thing at a time” theory just doesn’t cut it nowadays.

However, as nothing is all bad or good, the phenomenon of multi-tasking has given impetus to prioritization. We have become past masters at prioritizing our daily professional tasks. We create a task list, and jot down the most important tasks to be finished within the day. We know which task takes precedence over the other. Don’t we? Don’t you?

So you think you can prioritize!

Do you?

  •          Do you think that working 12 hours a day, and travelling 4 another for the sake of a big raise is more important that your health?

What else are you going to do with that money but visit a Doctor and assist in the Doctor’s kid’s medical college education?
  •          Do you think skipping a meal to ensure project deadlines are met takes precedence over you not being able to keep up with your young one on those rarest of rare walks in the park?

Will twenty minutes really make that big of a difference, or is it that we want to portray ourselves as committed hard workers?

  •         Do you think smoking and drinking to combat stress after a hard day’s work will be ignored by your over used, high LDL cholesterol, high Diabetes, high triglyceride body?

Are we finding reasons to drink to temporarily numb our cranium to escape reality?

Wake up and smell the coffee.

  •          Work hard, yes, but work smart too. And a smart worker will always keep health before work. A healthy person is a more efficient professional.
  •          Fasting a day to rest the stomach, and skipping a meal to binge on the next meal is well, plain stupid, IMHO. EVERYONE’s got time for a 20 minute meal. We aren’t at war people, come on!
  •          Drink moderately, and you- actually your wife, if you’re a man- are the best judge to decide moderation for yourself.

The point I am trying to make here is that while we consider ourselves kick ass prioritizers, we prioritize our financial health over our physical, we prioritize LOOKING GOOD in front of others as the epitome of hard work and professionalism over a healthy lifestyle, and we keep giving excuses for doing so. Bad, no?

Who is this judgmental prick, you may ask!

I am no “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” kinda hermit (although I do enjoy relaxing at aIm Yoga’s Bodh Vilas from time to time) who has given all the worldly pleasure away to resort to a hermit-y lifestyle.

I am a juvenile Diabetic who was fed up of his bad health after two surgeries which went wrong. I am the guy who had gone up to 92 kgs from 60 kgs because of the surgical complications and antibiotics. 

I am the guy who binge drinks on Red Wine and gets stitches later in the day. I am the guy who has read and tried every diet known to man, who keeps experimenting between Yogasan, Weight Training, and sports to see its effect on my body. 

I am also the guy who lost 20 kilos (Don’t miss the real as rain before and after pic) and is now a Nutritionist whose passion is to assist people in living healthier.

I am not standing on a higher moral ground and judging you. I am one of you. I falter, I fail. But I accept, I acknowledge and I move on. This blog is all about my experiments, my experiences, my fears, my learning’s, and my life.

Please get that straight. I am not selling any health product, nor will you find a lot of advertising on my blog. No sir. I want US- you and I- to become healthier and happier. Period.

Having said that, let’s focus on Prioritization.

Ok, so let’s get Prioritization right!

Health, they say, is wealth. Well, I dunno about that, but lemme tell ya, good health is a great bitch to have on you. And for us to be in and maintain good health, we need to remember, repeat and follow this Mantra:

My health is my topmost priority!

Not my family, not money, not work. My health. I know it sounds selfish. Heck, maybe it is. But it’s true. You may not like me for being honest, but that’s not going to change the fact that a healthier you is going to be a more efficient professional, a better parent, a better spouse (wink, wink), and in short, a better EVERYTHING.

Okay, worst case (and completely unrealistic) scenario:

If someone kidnaps your kid and forces you to go on a French Fries diet, by all means, go ahead, break a leg!

But apart from that or any other equally life altering predicament, whenever you face a situation or dilemma, say this to yourself:

My health is my topmost priority.

  •          When you feel lunch hour is nearing, your stomach is rumbling but you feel your project needs you, tell yourself that your health is your topmost priority.

  •         When your colleague is waving potato chips on your face, tell yourself that your health is your topmost priority.

I cannot list down all the situations we face, but please understand the gist of it. By prioritizing your daily walk over watching TV, on time lunch over work, falling to peer pressure over refusing another glass, you have prioritized your health as no. 1.
And believe me, when you are healthier, that glass of beer, and other equally sinful things taste and feel ten times better!

Steel your mind, make it clear in your head, and grab life by the balls! And once you’re done with that, share your experiences with us.


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