Saturday, April 11, 2015

Learnings of the week

In an attempt to start writing-and regularly at that-again, I am beginning a learnings of the week blog post. I'm hopeful this doesn't turn into learning of the decade kinda blog post, coz that might be way too long.

I enjoy learning new things, and I'm glad that my day job helps me do just that. I'm a voracious reader and listener, and will jot down whatever random stuff I've learnt via podcasts, audiobooks and ebooks ( I've almost stopped buying paperbacks; environment and all). I hope you enjoy reading it and pick up a few things while at it!

Bacteria, Bacteria everywhere.

  • Yes, we know that. Those microscopic critters are everywhere. Yes, we have read that there are more bacteria on your phone and your computer keyboard than in your toilet (Whaaa?!?!). What I found fascinating is that the ones living inside of us, that aren't necessary classified as a 'part' of us, as part of the human body, outnumber the ones classified AS the human body! 
  • Like good and evil, there are also good and bad bacteria, right? But like in life, things are a tad murkier, not everything is black or white, and good, evil and everything in between are relative!
    A bacteria residing in our gut may well be the good kind, assisting us in being super cool humans. However, move it centimeters, nay millimeters left or right and it can become one of the bad guys!

    You can't avoid them, you can't distinguish between them, and you sure as hell won't get anything by being paranoid about them ( Calm down Kartik, calm down!). Keep eating well, living healthy, and wash your hands with soap and water more times than you do now ( 5X is a safe bet). The better your immune system, the lesser you'll fall sick ( shocking, innit?!)

Mommy, don't worry, it's bad for me!

  • A stressed, pregnant woman can cause a baby harm, and make it susceptible to all loads of trouble! So as the mommy eats and defecates for the unborn via the placenta and umbilical cord, she is also responsible for fetal brain development. That may well lead to behavioral issues as the child grows.Takeaway
    Singing a song, having a cuppa tea, or finding your zen place helps. I prefer pranayam. Whatever works mommies, no worries please!

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