Sunday, April 19, 2015

Learnings of the week.

In an attempt to start writing-and regularly at that-again, I am beginning a learnings of the week blog post. I'm hopeful this doesn't turn into learning of the decade kinda blog post, coz that might be way too long.

I enjoy learning new things, and I'm glad that my day job helps me do just that. I'm a voracious reader and listener, and will jot down whatever random stuff I've learnt via podcasts, audiobooks and ebooks ( I've almost stopped buying paperbacks; environment and all). I hope you enjoy reading it and pick up a few things while at it!

Have card? Will Withdraw. ATMs, ATMs everywhere. 

ATMs. Can you imagine banking without them? I couldn't imagine banking if I was smack in the middle of the bank since I've married and my wife has hijacked all my cards, independence and money, but for others who are still masters of their own fortune, you'll be surprised to know that this concept of ATM, and it's founder, are pretty murky. 

Like most inventions (except the one that involves me doubling up as a punching bag, that's completely original, all credit to the missus) the invention of the ATM is also mired in controversy, with a few people staking their claim as the father of the Automated Teller Machine.

It all depends on whose version you want to hear and accept, and also largely on your geography. But that's not the trippy part. This is.

  • ATMs were initially not very popular. It was common belief that only nefarious people with nefarious habits that accumulated money from nefarious means used the ATM in order to avoid the Teller asking them some pointed questions. Not surprisingly, people also didn't trust a machine and prefered the human touch. The tellers of yore were friendly people, and people in general had a lot more time to kill, and hence perhaps didn't mind standing in long queues. 
  • ATMs are surprisingly susceptible to skimming, and a couple of guidelines, if followed, would hold you in good stead.
    • Avoid deserted ATMs. They are most likely to be attached with a skimming device. 
    • Using a popular one, albeit perhaps a bit crowded, is usually accompanied by a security guard, and chances of fraud are lessened considerably. The ones near the railway station, petrol pump, are better options.
    • Don't count your money or flash cash outside the ATM. Always look around for seemingly dodgy people. DON'T hang around once you are out. Little awareness goes a long way.
    • Lose the ATM card, or see illegal activity on card? Before posting it on all social media, CONTACT the bank!

Tarapore Aquarium, renovated, like Singapore's SEA Aquarium! Not yet..

People have been misinformed about the magnanimity and extent of it's renovation. It is your run of the mill social media hype where the Tarapore Aquarium's mention was done with photos of the SEA Aquarium at Singapore. What might also be the case is that it was PROPOSED to become that way, and people jumped the gun. If and when it will be done, with the tunnel aquarium, I know not. I do know it's not the case right now.

They have begun using filtered water from the Arabian sea, which is leading to death of them marine critters though. So if you want to go see some fish before they all die, go anyway. Just realign your expectations with reality before you go. 

Have a fun week ahead!

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