Saturday, April 25, 2015

Learnings of the week.

With the advent of the internet, we have access to information like never before. Of course, most of it is useless, but then, it is the innate desire of a being to possess a modicum of such useless, erm, fact, if I may. You can use it to razzle-dazzle, strike up a conversation, or, like me, you're just interested in learning a little more about the world you live in. 

This led me to discover wisegeek. These buggers send me an email a day, with some pretty neat and at times geeky facts. Reminder- Geeky is not always equal to a computer Programmer. 

Here are some things I learnt through Wisegeek this week, amongst some other stuff. 

Wars kill. But whom?

Post World War II, conflicts have killed more civilians ( people not classified as soldiers actually fighting wars) as compared to the actual soldiers fighting them. This is what the UN says.

Monna Lisa. Yep, it's Monna. Not Mona.

My Lady. Monna. Lisa. Well, still Lisa, proper noun and all. Mona was a spelling error. Monna Lisa in Italian is My lady Lisa. Someone made a boo boo somewhere.

Have a headache? Have Coca cola.

I admit this is a bit misleading. As it is better to bear a headache, that die of diabetic complications. However, when my man John Pemberton was finding a substitute for morphine for pain alleviation from a headache, he invented and patented French Wine Coca nerve tonic. Sure, a lab assistant helped him, but who cares who he was; John sure as hell didn't. 

Sad to see something that was made to cure a malady is now a major cause of so many of them.

Water, water everywhere.

We know more about the heavens above as compared to the oceans. Covering 70 % of earths surface, we haven't explored 95 % of it!

I hope you enjoyed reading it and picked up a fun facts while at it! 
Stay Healthy and Happy!

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