Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Red hatter writes: Book key takeaway-The upskilling initiative

I work at, live and breathe Red Hat, it is the best job of my life. Reading, learning and sharing are my passions. On my current PTO, I had the chance to listen to the audio book: The Upskilling Imperative: 5 Ways to Make Learning Core to the Way We Work by Shelley Osborne.

It talks about how in today's day and age, especially in IT, one needs to upskill themselves every five years to not become obsolete. At the pace at which tech is moving, employees prefer organizations that provide upskilling opportunities and have a robust system around it. This book talks about understanding the value of this initiative and creating one. Red hat in my view already excels in this area. One key takeaway from the book for me was to ascribe the deal hour acronym; the drop everything and learn hour. I personally aspire to do this each day and have often found myself learning or researching and absorbing new and complex information for hours. Encouraging this structured behavior and socializing it's benefits would be a fitting complement to the day of learning sessions we have quarterly. Continuous learning is a habit and like most needs to be cultivated.

Does it mean we whimsically decide not to attend a meeting or finish a task and start learning all about kubernetes? Of course, no. It's about looking at your calendar, and planning to block an hour a day to learn. I find having it as a part of my calendar--on most occasions--ensures I do find the time and inclination to learn each day.
Live long, and prosper!

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