A Little About Me

People who like me call me Kartik.I am a  Senior Technical Writer at Ibruk Consulting. I am pursuing a creative writing diploma from The Writers Bureau, Manchester ( Distance learning).I am on the constant search for further education and advanced learning, thus explaining my plethora of interests like Creative Writing, Instructional Design, Usability Engineering, Pranayam, Reiki , Information Technology, Web designing and HTML(wysiwyg type),  Music, Sports, Bikes, Investigative Journalism, Health and Fitness, etc. 

I am a curious bugger and hence love to read! I am what one would call a voracious reader and have lost count of the books, novels, e-books and encyclopedias I have read.I actively work towards creating awareness for the need of medical/ life insurance and savings/ investments among the less fortunate. 

I like playing old Hindi songs on the Guitar while singing along with my friends.I am a decent cook and dish out a sumptuous fare for dad .Well, that’s about it!

I also moonlight as a Freelance Technical Writer/Instructional Designer/ Content Developer/SEO Guy/Marketing Communications Developer/Name your Writing need Guy. For any queries/my resume/ executive summary, give me a shout or drop me a mail. You can also visit my website, Wordsmiths Consulting for more details.