Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six lovely months, hoping for 60 lifetimes more.

Dearest Himani,
I wish you a very happy Six monthaversary! For me, it’s surreal! We have survived with each other for six months, and I count that as an achievement! It’s your achievement. All loved ones know I don’t like people a lot. I have a very short attention span, and spending an hour with them makes me want to kill myself thrice. But with you, I have lived for six glorious months, and those were one of the better days of my life. I don’t say the best, because I know that our best days are around the curve!
On completion of the lovely six, I’ll highlight some memorable events that transpired during this time.

My better half and I

Ile Maurice!

We travelled to Mauritius to start the celebrations, and since then, the honeymoon hasn’t ended, it has just begun! I saw the fun, adventurous side of your personality out there, when you plunged into the ocean in that scuba gear! I must add that you were looking so beautiful during our honeymoon; I’m surprised I didn’t get into a fight with anyone, or you’re not pregnant! I saw how you gelled so well with Mausa Mausi, and how they accepted you as their own. My Mausi seldom opens up to people; my Mausa rarely likes people. So that was a BIG achievement on your part!
 I realized whom I had fallen for during my honeymoon; a beautiful hearted, accommodating, open minded girl who cared about my happiness more than hers. She had grace and modernity, and held her own amongst strangers, foreigners. I saw her polite and respectful side when she held her calm while speaking to a rude receptionist; her slightly drunk and highly gluttonous facet after downing the champagne! I fell in love with that smile, with her lit up morning face, her eyes, and other things best mentioned in private. I was hooked on for life.

Livin' it up at Mauritius

Typhoid, Typhoid, Typhoid!

I guess mum really wanted to test you as she knew what you were getting into, so I fell ill with Typhoid as soon as I was back. Your caring, motherly nature came to the fore as you nursed me back to health. You allayed all my professional fears, spoke to them and settled everything, while I was recuperating. You ensured I had home cooked food, and saved us a lot of money in the process too! I can assure you that mum must have smiled from up there on seeing how you handled the hospitalization, and how you cared for me. She knew that now there was an able woman in the house, and finally, her soul must have found peace.

The "proposal" for being together in sickness, and health,

Ghar Ho toh Aisa!

Project Home Renovation Phase 1 was pending since time immemorial; save for the paint job we had gotten done. Yes, father valiantly attempted to sort the doors and interiors of the toilets, but he needed some support. We needed a guiding beacon who would convert this house into a home.
Someone with the wherewithal to face the melee of workers, someone with the gumption to withstand all the dirt. Someone with a vision. You.
You took it upon yourself to renovate the house and you did it with panache! It not only cost us less, we now have custom made furniture, kitchen, wall units and bedroom! And might I add, we love it! The effort that you put to ensure everything was well thought off, planned (well, not exactly planned!) and implemented quickly and efficiently was commendable. I saw your technical bent of mind when you turned the ‘it’s not possible madam’ despair of the masons into, ‘oh, so that’s how it’s done’ joy! I saw how you designed everything from the ground up, and how everything was accounted for. I knew therein that never a penny (except for our engagement ring, of course) would be misplaced, or misused! We had found our Home and Finance Minister, all rolled into one!

I could go on and on about the events that transpired, but as I had said, these are the highlights to showcase the wonderful women I call my wife, my better half, and my soul mate. And I’m lucky enough to have all these qualities, traits and characteristics in one person, my forever girl-friend, my baby doll, Himani Baid Dwivedi.
Love you babe. 

Made for each other. What say?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The nine mistakes of my life.

The nine mistakes of my life

1. When piss drunk, you shouldn't try and jive with your best guy friend near a broken window. You tend to get painful stitches that way.
Also, You should most definitely not tickle the doc who is trying stitch those gashes. Oh, and yes, you should opt for anesthesia.

2. Trying to perform a long jump between two very wet walls of the gutter on holi is a very fool proof way to slip and almost slit your tongue in half.

3. Always Remember to put the lid of the mixer. Unless you enjoy red chilli powder in your eyes.

4. Whenever you fancy a two person wheelie, be sure to convey your urges to the pillion rider.

5. Avoid banging your helmet adorned head on the wall. Those suckers are meant to avoid injuries, not alleviate pain.

6. If you're badly bruised, never, ever go to a homeopathic doctor. They will ask you fifty five questions, sympathize and then give the sound medical advise of getting the wound dressed by a Doctor.

7. Never agree to cross dress for your camera toting wife, regardless of how sexily she asks you to. You'll regret it later.

8. While visiting your girlfriends house when her mum's around, double check your fly; forgetting to zip up will bring you pain, from your girlfriend.

9. Don't offer to drop a cute traffic-woman home. She might take you up on the offer and you might have to travel 15 miles to face an aggravated and intoxicated policeman husband. You also might have to become her 'brother' there and then to avoid an altercation.

I can assure you that by the time I'm 60, I'll be writing the 900 top mistakes of my life! Stay tuned!