Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Off all the things that I fail to understand, and there are many, the one that takes the cake, surely, is what is it with women and their deep rooted desire to conceive? In plain –speak, why do they want to have children???
Right from the time they hit puberty, they are in for trouble. Especially in a country like India, where a woman in her ‘days’ is subjected to what I feel is degradation. They are not allowed to pray, eat with others, and do all the mundane things that they normally do everyday, all in the name of religion. And yes, it does exist in modern India too, and there are ladies who follow it even when not bound. Hopefully, that mindset is changing, and im very glad that it is. Im the kind of person who likes to hug his friends on birthdays, regardless of their ‘dates’, and I shall continue to do that, religious sentiments be damned.

Coming back to my point, at the young age of 11 or 12, girls have to go through that horrendous experience. I remember when it had happened to my sister for the first time. She was crying up a storm, and to this date, the day of my mother’s death and the day mentioned above are two instances when I had questioned not the existence, but the ethics of god himself/herself! From then on, starts this sad monthly routine. It is a pity to see young sprightly girls playing, so cheerful and full of life one day, writhing in pain, trying to hide the angst the other. It seems so unfair to me.

As soon as they just start getting used to it, on top of having a career and helping at housework, they are married off and then have to bear the pain associated with lovemaking. I would have to admit that although I am not authority on it, I have friends who would be at the top of the line for a PhD on that particular subject, and so it’s safe to say that my information is accurate.

One thing leads to another, and its time for all the nausea and vomiting. The lady’s pregnant! There is unbridled joy all around! The papa’s happy obviously, not only because he is a soon to be father, but because he CAN be a father! The mother in law is licking her lips at the prospect of watching her daughter in law go through 9 months of hell! The father in law’s happy, as the wife’s happy, and he is sure that there shall be no more fighting, at least till the daughter leaves for her paternal home! The girl’s parents are obviously happy to see their daughter, and there are festivities and rituals all around. Most importantly, what about the girl? How does she feel? Shockingly, she has never felt better. This is the part when you can go to the start of this article. This is what I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Why do they want to go through 9 months of hell, risking their life, bearing such a lot of pain, leading a restrained and cautiously monitored life? For what? To conceive her bundle of joy, the apple of her eye, who, on turning 18, won’t even remember to thank her on mother’s day? A woman’s travails don’t end here. Nappy changes, doctors, lactation, sleepless nights, the works. Men of today are supportive, and not all women lead a very cautious life, but generally speaking, women do take utmost care, and to me are gods greatest gift to mankind. They bring us onto this earth, nurturing us in their womb, take care of us, feed us, teach us, learn with us. And I may never understand why they do it, some saying I won’t as im not a woman, but it will not stop me from respecting them. Thank you mom, thank you women, everywhere.

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Kartikeya Dwivedi. said...

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