Wednesday, May 2, 2007

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There were times when, holding a government job was considered as prestigious, and even if one were to be a linesman for BSNL earning measly salaries; he was looked upon with awe and respect. Those were the days when we had but one satellite channel, phone connections took a decade and Dhirubhai Ambani had not thought of making Power!!

Due to intense privatization in all avenues, be it the telecom, power or banking industry, although the prices of services have gone up, the essential customer service which was the order of the day has been given much importance, leading to an end in the monopoly of our government bodies like MSEB. BSNL, etc.

After the kick on the backside to our esteemed government organizations, there has been a sea change in the attitudes of the people involved with them. I remember when a few years ago, I had to beg an Officer to depute someone when my telephone had not been working well. God is great, as I got my vendetta just a few weeks back, when the phone went haywire again, and the same officer courteously assured me that the matter would be dealt with at the earliest! I could have dialed 198, but I wanted to fight with the officer and get my connection disconnected! His docile behavior got me thinking.

There are so many banks that offer competent customer service, and more importantly, a choice for the customers, so they don’t have to be dependent on state banks, and their lazy employees! Everyone is happy with the change in the working of those govt banks.

We had to be content watching limited channels with mediocrity written all over it. The consumers of today are spoilt with choice! All the channels are competitive, albeit charging astronomical amounts, but are delivering, which has left DD metro far, far behind.

With Reliance and Tata power started the generation of electricity. The bills may be a tad higher, but the complaints have decreased.

Privatization brings in competition, which improves the quality of product, and at times, reducing cost. For example, the cost of electronics has taken a nose dive, so now everyone can buy a flat screen tv. Reliance has made sure each Indian talks over a mobile phone.

Most government bodies are undergoing losses, and they are increasing by each passing year.
One such exception is the railways, wherein Mr Lalu has shown that profit can be derived from anything ranging from ‘chara’ to trains! It should serve as a wake up call to the other departments

India is a growing economy, where people don’t mind spending money, and a small fortune at times to get the services they feel they deserve, and sadly, our government bodies, due to lack of foresight, has been playing catch up for a long time. There have been efforts, but is it too late?

Kartikeya Dwivedi

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Kartikeya Dwivedi. said...

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