Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seeking Help on Facebook- Interesting Experience

Recently, my ladybug’s Knee MRI and ensuing Doc consultation resulted in her being recommended an Arthroscopic surgery. Since we’re currently in Videsh, we decided to explore surgical- and other non surgical options- at home, as this entailed crutches for 6 weeks post-op.

Now if we got this done in India, we would have a small army- and a large army of well-wishers- and so were seeking some ortho surgeon who was a friend of a friend and could give us a second opinion remotely; that is, without Himani being present, just all her reports, and MRI scans, and MRI videos.

Knowing this may require some searching, as one needs to have a personal equation with a Medical professional to get this sorta work done, I posted my request on Facebook, hoping that some help might spring up. This is what I had written.

Peeps, anyone personally know any ortho surgeon in Mumbai (preferably) or India who will be ready and willing to provide consultation remotely? If I wanted to inquire about a procedure, it's cost, recovery period, etc. MRI Scans, Xrays and initial diagnoses can be sent via email.
Fee shall be given in full, either through you or bank transfer. If anyone knows anyone who can do this, please PM me. Consider urgent.

Some of the replies I got were, well, interesting.

Interesting Reply 1

Hi! Heard (heard?!) about your problem. Is everything okay?!? I said yes, and explained the situation to her. Don’t believe the Doctors, she said. Told me she knew about an oil that would solve this problem, but she couldn’t remember its name. She did not offer to attempt to recall the name and tell me later. I said ok. She went on further to say she knew a great doctor, an ortho surgeon of some note. I waited in hopeful anticipation. She boasted about how he charged 2000 bucks, but for her uncle, he took just 1500. Optimistic anticipation, high. I requested her to talk to her uncle to see if he could fix up some remote consultation; I offered to pay his full fee.
Oh he died, she said. I said, I’m sorry, but I was confused who was dead. She went on to explain how he had died of a heart attack in tedious detail. I again offered my condolences. There was silence.
She then said her son too was a Doctor. At this moment I took a wild guess that the ortho Doc was dead, and that her Uncle was hopefully hale and hearty. And perhaps his son would be our saviour.
I asked her if she knew him personally and if she could get in touch with him? I felt she is attempting to help me, but has her ways of getting to the point. She said she didn’t, but he was in US and was a heart doctor. She know on good authority that he had married an American! I said hmm and went offline.

Interesting Reply 2

In offline mode, another friend chimed in. Dude! Are you mad! What are you posting on FB?! Why?! I explained the situation to him. He said all that is okay, but why on FB? I told him again about my special situation, and felt that perhaps the power of social networking would help us.
He chided me, what will people think? You’re an NRI now, you have to think thrice before posting stuff. I wanted to tell you for so long. You keep writing fuck, and other abuses, what if you father reads them? I told him, erm, he does, he is kinda okay, if not elated about it.  I further inquired if he could help me.
He said, I don’t know any ortho doc, they are bone doctors, right? I said, yes, brb. I don’t think I’ll be back soon.

Interesting Reply 3

The third one actually asked me everything, right to the minutest detail, and said she would pray for me. I thanked her warmly and said it was for Himani. She refused to believe someone as sweet and nice as Himani could have this problem. She still asked me not to worry (I never said I was worried) and that all will be well. She reminded me to have faith in the almighty lord in these testing times. 

Yes, working for a UN organization that doesn’t allow you to work more than 40 hours a week at one of the most liveable cities in the world with tax free income and with an opportunity to work with nationals of about 150 countries, collaborating to make a difference in the world; testing times indeed. I thanked her very much, and bid adieu.

At this point, I got the general gist of what was to be expected, kicked myself in the head (with Himani’s foot, the still decent one) and took down that post. 

Thankfully, I got some not so interesting but actually helpful replies too. If the readers of the interesting replies read this, know that, well, you were entertaining! 

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